A Step-by-step Guide on Instagram Reels Video Download Online

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Instagram Reels Video Download Online

Instagram has a new feature called a Reel that was created by Meta to rival TikTok. Users can make quick 90-second videos with it and post them to their timeline, Instagram stories, and reel feed. This implies that you will see reels made by other users as you browse through your Instagram feed.

Occasionally, you may come across a captivating reel that you want to download to your phone or store in your gallery for later viewing. What procedures should you then take in order to download an Instagram reel online? Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to accomplish that.

How to Save Instagram Reel Download Online

The reel video should be simple to save online within the application. The actions you ought to take are as follows:

  1. Select Reels after launching the Instagram app. After that, you can look for and download the precise reel you desire. As an alternative, you can go to the profile of the account you want to download the video from.
  2. Click on the three dots located at the bottom of the reel once you’ve located the one you want to download. Click or tap “Save Reel.”
  3. Press the app’s home icon, then the icon for your profile, to see the saved reel. Select Settings>Account>Saved from the hamburger menu icon. Here is where you can locate your reels under the All Posts folder.

How to Download Instagram Reels on iPhone

The process you use to download an online reel if you have an iPhone is different from that of an Android phone user. Make sure the screen recording feature is turned on as the first thing you should do. Navigating to Settings>Control Center>Customize Controls> Add Screen Recording will turn it on.

How to Download Instagram Reels on iPhone

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You then need to open the Instagram app and select the reel you wish to download by tapping on it. Swipe up to open the control center on your iPhone. After that, you should hit Start Recording to start the Instagram video. You can now click on the red bar at the top and select Stop after the video has finished recording. By doing so, you can be certain that the video has been stored in the image apps. Visit mixx.com to learn more about how to improve your Instagram presence. This platform helps you get more likes, followers, and engagement from your posts. To make sure you only have the reel portion, you might need to edit the video.

How to Download  Instagram Reels on Android

The only way to assist you with that if your phone runs an Android operating system is to use an app from a third-party website. Unless your phone has a built-in video recorder, that is.

Best Instagram Online Reel Downloader

It’s imperative that you choose a reliable online reel download service if you use one. Numerous apps and websites claim to assist you in doing that, but they are really spammers trying to obtain your personal data or even compromise your account. Here are our top picks for services to use if you’re not sure which to choose:


InShot Inc. is yet another potent video downloader app for Android devices. You can download videos from Instagram and other social media platforms with this app. Additionally, it allows you to download your reels in the background with its pause and resume feature.

Just share the reel’s link on the online reel downloader to begin utilizing the app. By doing this, the link will open, enabling you to watch or even download the video.


One of the most well-liked services for downloading Instagram reel videos is this one, which lets you download all of your preferred songs and videos from websites, including social media platforms like Instagram. Every one of your videos is downloaded without any restrictions and in full HD quality. You can download full-length reels to your phone using this app.


Your preferred Instagram reel videos can be downloaded and saved in full HD without watermarks using SnapInsta. To use the service, there is no need to install any apps or create an account. Because of this, downloading videos from Instagram using the online reel video download is a reliable and safe option.


You can view and download Instagram reels using the web-based Instafinsha reels video download tool without having to download, install, or log in. All you have to do is use a few quick clicks to search for what you’re looking for. Every reel is downloaded in high definition.

You can use this website to view people’s Instagram stories even if you don’t have an account. Furthermore, there is no download needed for the service, which is free. You can be sure that the service is safe and secure because you are not required to log into your account. Millions of people use it to share beautiful videos with their friends and family because they trust it for this reason.

FAQs on Downloading Instagram Reels

Here are the frequently asked questions on Instagram reels download.

How can I download my reels from Instagram?

Here are the steps you need to follow to download your reels:
1.Click the reel tab on your phone
2.Tap on three dots icon at the bottom of the screen 
3.Save a copy of the reel to your phone camera roll

How do I download the reel video audio?

To begin, open Instagram’s reel and press the airplane symbol. Select the “Add a video to your store” option. Now that the reel is resized, you can make sure that it has one sound. To download the story, tap the download button.

How do I save my reel’s audio as original?

Press the reel you wish to keep and then the original audio that is currently playing. Click the Save Audio button. The original audio will be saved and made available for future use in your saved items.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, a lot of people’s favorite features on Instagram are reels. To utilize them for Instagram marketing, download them. The only issue is that users cannot specifically view their reels with the app. Downloading an Instagram reel to your account ought to be simple. However, it will be challenging to download someone else’s reel; instead, you’ll need to employ one of the aforementioned techniques.

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