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Assalamu Alaikum How are you? Hope you’re okay.

Today I bring you 10 Minute School Bank Jobs Course
Before you start, don’t say, if there are mistakes, forgive me and correct the mistake.

Many of us know about this course and have already done this course.
But many people are not able to do this course due to lack of money. I’ve got today’s course for them for free.
Don’t tell me before I start. (Bank Job course by 10 minute school)

এই কোর্সটি কেবলমাত্র শিক্ষামূলক উদ্দেশ্যে দেওয়া । তাই দয়া করে কেউ এই কোর্সটি বিক্রয় করার চেষ্টা করবেন না । যদি কিনতে চান 10 Minute School থেকে কিনে নিতে পারেন সাথে Certificate পাবেন । (10 Minute School Bank Jobs Course free download)

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10 Minute School Free Course

10 Minute School Bank Jobs Course

Build a successful career in the banking sector by preparing for the best bank job at home. In this course, you will get all the guidance and solutions to various problems for bank job preparation.

What’s in the full syllabus course

  • How to prepare fully for bank job exam
  • Every topic of Bangla, English, Mathematics, General Knowledge and ICT with full explanation

Course Syllabus

  • Bangla
  • English
  • Comon Sense
  • General Mathematics
  • Computer Information and Technology

Details about the course

About The Course:

Bank jobs are one of the most popular jobs among the youth of Bangladesh. Compared to many other jobs, the demand for this job has increased recently due to the increase in social respect, attractive salaries, quick promotions and other opportunities.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, you can apply for a job in the bank. However, the type of bank job exam is slightly different compared to other job exams, so preparation has to be done accordingly. After graduation, you should start preparing for bank jobs. In this age of competition, proper guidance is needed to ensure maximum preparation.

Ten Minute School has brought ‘Bank Jobs Course’ to keep you ahead of the competition in the bank job examination. Through the classes of this course, students will get preparation guidance and solutions to various problems. The course analyzes the previous year’s questions of the bank recruitment exam. Which topic is more important and which topics comes from which questions are discussed.

In addition to preparing for bank job exams, this course will also help in the preparation of other job exams including BCS. So, Download in the “Bank Jobs Course” today to ensure your best preparation as a job seeker!

Why Take A Bank Jobs Course

  • By watching some well-scheduled videos, you can fully cover the syllabus of the job examination of state-owned banks including Bangladesh Bank.
  • Not only government bank jobs, you will also get help in preparing for other jobs from this course. You can also play the classes again and again at any time anywhere.
  • Through the model test, you will get the opportunity to check your preparation for the bank job.

What are the Features Of bank Jobs course?

  • Our experienced teachers have presented each lecture with easy explanation through smartboard.
  • The country’s best BCS cadres, instructors and content researchers have worked to prepare our lecture sheets.
  • The class materials of the bank job course have added interesting and interactive illustrations that are helpful in remembering important information.
  • Immediately after giving the quiz, you will get the answer with step-by-step solution which will help in verifying your preparation.
  • There is the necessary class material for remembering the essentials of the lecture or for self-study.
  • 24-hour online support will be available in the Exclusive Facebook group of 10 Minute School 

Who is the bank job course for?

  • Those who are preparing for the job examination of the public bank.
  • Those who are preparing for other 9th-10th grade job examinations in addition to Bangladesh Bank jobs.
  • University students who are preparing for government jobs in advance.

Description of the course

  • Name of the Course: 10 ms ব্যাংক জব কোর্স
  • Course Teachers: Many
  • Total videos: 67
  • Model Test: 10
  • Notes: 66

Download 10 ms Bank Jobs Course

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