Get Free CyberGhost VPN Lifetime License Key 2022

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CyberGhost is a very famous VPN and paid VPN, most of the hackers use this VPN because CyberGhost is very secure because they do not sell any information to users.‎

CyberGhost VPN Lifetime License Key

CyberGhost VPN Lifetime License Key

‎Features of CyberGhost VPN:‎

  • 256-bit AES encryption.
  • ‎24/7 Live Chat Support.‎
  • ‎Automatic Kill Switch.‎
  • ‎High-speed full VPN.‎
  • ‎Unlimited bandwidth and traffic‎
  • ‎Blocks Ad/malicious content‎
  • ‎Saves DNS & IP from leaks‎
  • ‎There are ‎‎a total of 8200 Servers and 91 Countries ‎‎Available‎
  • ‎Supports Military-Grade Encryption‎
  • 3 Security Protocols — OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard Available
  • Spy Servers — Privately Owned For Maximum Security
  • ‎In-Built Leak Protection exists‎
  • Split Tunneling
  • ‎Compatible with Tor Browser‎
  • ‎Provides protection from malware, trackers, and ads‎
  • ‎Extra features for Maximum Online Security‎
  • Data Compression — Android Only
  • Secret Photo Vault — iOS Only
  • Dedicated IP Address — Paid Add-On
  • Password Manager — Paid Add-On
  • ‎A lot more…‎

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91471 mobile app process

CyberGhost Details

  • App Name: CyberGhost
  • App Size: 49.61MB
  • PlayStore Link: CyberGhost Download Link


‎01. First of all, keep the Windows Security System / Antivirus OFF. ‎‎(Otherwise, you’ll delete the patch files by showing a false alarm)‎

1 1

‎02. Download the files this time ‎TeleDrive ‎from.‎

03. Extract ‎‎The CyberGhost 8.3.6‎‎ File into File 02‎

2 1

‎04. After extracting, double click and install it in ‎‎cyberGhost‎‎ file from folder‎

3 1

‎05. Sign ‎‎up‎‎ ‎‎with‎‎ Temp.mail now in Software Dashboard‎

4 1

‎06. Completing mail verification will activate ‎‎premium trial‎‎ for 01 days‎

How to get unlimited trial

01. Now unzip the 2nd File- CyberGhost 8 Patch + trial reset


‎02. Run the file shown in Screenshot‎


‎03. Click on ‎‎Reset‎‎ Option‎


‎04. Then re-install the ‎‎Cyberspace‎‎ software that I got after extracting the ‎‎CyberGhost 8.3.6 file‎


‎05. ‎‎Sign‎‎ ‎‎up‎‎ again with Temp.Mail‎


06. When you complete the Mail verification, the trial will be activated‎


‎07. Repeat the above steps, you will get a Premium account as many times as you do, but expiry date 24Hours Only‎

Video Tutorial


for 1 day is not really convenient. Still, it is giving free since it can be claimed.‎

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