Airtel Social Pack 2024 | How to buy Best Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Pack

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Airtel is the second-largest mobile operator in the country. For a long time, this mobile operator has gained wide popularity among customers by offering various types of offers at low prices.Airtel Social Pack

Today we are going to discuss some exclusive offers from Airtel. Social networking website is our daily companion in daily life. We spend most of our time on these websites and share our thoughts and status. (airtel social media pack)

The good news for Airtel customers is that recently Airtel mobile operators have unveiled several social packs for all their customers. You can use these social packs at a very low price.

Are you interested in purchasing an Airtel social internet package? Then read this article to learn everything about those packages. Here we discuss.

  • Airtel Facebook Social Pack
  • Airtel Messenger Pack
  • Airtel WhatsApp pack
  • Airtel Imo Pack
  • Airtel Social Pack
Airtel Social Pack
Airtel Social Pack 2024 Code of Facebook, Instagram, Imo, Whatsapp Pack

Airtel Social Pack

Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has ordered all operators to close the free Facebook offer from July 18, 2024. A huge number of Airtel users browse free Facebook. But after this announcement, they have nothing to do with this regard let alone purchasing an internet package. (airtel social pack offer)

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The amazing news is waiting for you. most probably you don’t know that Airtel has some social internet packages for browsing Facebook, Facebook messenger, and WhatsApp, IMO. The Validity Period of the internet package is from 7 days to 30 days. (airtel facebook package)

If you are an Airtel customer interested in buying social packs then you can definitely use any social pack you like from the list below.

Social PackPriceActivation code
1GB Social Pack12 TAKA*123*012#
1GB PUBG33 TAKA*123*033#
3GB FB Messenger Pack39 TAKA*123*039#

Airtel 1 GB Social Pack at 12 Tk Code

A few days ago, Airtel mobile operator launched a new campaign where it was seen that a 1GB social pack can be availed for only 12 takas.

If you are a prepaid customer of Airtel then you can take advantage of this amazing offer as no other mobile operator will be able to offer a social pack at such a cheap price. (airtel social pack 30 days)

To activate this internet pack you first need to keep your mobile balance above 12 takas and you will dial this pack as an activation code.

You should dial this code *123*012# to activate this package. (airtel internet pack)

  • Total Data: 1024 MB
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Internet Check Code: *3#

Accessible Websites: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter (buy social pack)

Airtel Social Facebook Pack

The most popular social media of This time is Facebook. Facebook is a website where we spend most of the day. (airtel social pack monthly)

The good news for you is that Airtel mobile operators have recently included the Facebook pack in their social packs and made the heat available to all prepaid customers, even though the free Facebook authorities have stopped.

With Effective you can use the internet for 30 days at a very low price. Below is the code and details for activating Airtel Social Facebook Pack. (how to buy airtel social pack)

Package NamePriceValidity
4 MB Facebook2 BDT1 Day
50 MB Facebook5 BDT2 Days
75 Video Pack10 BDT2 Days
100 MB Facebook35 BDT7 Days
120 MB Facebook10 BDT3 Days
250 MB Facebook80 BDT15 Days
400 MB Video Pack50 BDT7 Days
500 MB Facebook80 BDT30 Days
1 GB Video Pack130 BDT30 Days
1 GB + 512 MB Special89 BDT7 Days

Airtel 3 GB Messenger Pack

If you’re a Facebook Messenger user then the great news for you is the authorities have offered 3 GB net for Airtel customers for 39 Taka. (social pack airtel)

This offer is valid for four (4) days. All postpaid and postpaid customers will be able to enjoy this offer. The code and details of activating the offer are provided. (airtel social pack messenger)

  • You dial to activate this offer. *123*039#
  • The Internet offer is valid for Four (4) days.
  • You can purchase anytime.

Airtel WhatsApp Pack

WhatsApp is gaining popularity over time, due to which the number of its users is increasing day by day. Airtel customers have installed and used this popular WhatsApp app on their mobiles and are looking for internet packages to run this application. (airtel social pack WhatsApp)

Airtel mobile operator has recently launched the package through several new campaigns. If you are a WhatsApp user and an Airtel prepaid or postpaid customer, you must follow the instructions below and activate your package.

Airtel PUBG Pack

From now on Airtel customers will be able to easily play the most popular online game PUBG.

For those of you who want to activated the app, the method of dialing the USSD code is given below. You must first dial to purchase these offers. (airtel data package)

The price of this Package is 33 taka only and you get 1 GB of the Internet just for playing PUBG. PUBG Airtel Pack validity 30 days. You can buy these offers as many times as you like. Dial start to check the remaining Internet balance.

  • Dial * 123*033 # to activate the offer.
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Internet Limits: 1024 MB
  • Balance check code: *3#

Terms & Conditions

  • Any prepaid and postpaid customers of Airtel will be able to activate this social package.
  • This pack can be discontinued by Airtel authorities at any time, meaning you can activate this offer while the campaign is running.
  • Only social websites can be browsing through Airtel Social Pack.
    If you want to browse any other website, your internet charge is applicable.
  • Once upgrad you will not be able to extend the validity by purchasing any new internet pack.
    Airtel customers can activate this pack as many times as they like.


If you are an Airtel customer, you will definitely feel a lot of satisfaction using the Airtel Social Pack.

Airtel mobile operators usually do not keep any of their internet packs on for a long time. Airtel mobile operators may turn off social packs at any time.

In this case, you must visit our website regularly to get updated information.


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